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Insurance Law

Insurance should protect against risk, but what happens if the insurer doesn’t pay out? We regularly advise on how to put it right, when the insurance has gone wrong. If the insurer disputes the claim, then the insured will be left with the loss as if the insurance never existed...
And wherever there is doubt as to the cover then, the broker who gave advice on what type of policy to take out, what level of cover was needed or obtained from insurers can be liable.

We have experience in working with our clients to resolve the issues. Our team has a long history of acting for individuals, businesses, large and small, charities and partnerships against some of the leading insurance companies in the UK

• Advising on the terms of public liability insurance to establish the extent of cover for specific events.
• Advising on the scope of Directors and Officers cover.
• Making critical illness recoveries and advising in relation to a key member of staff.
• Property insurance claims following fire, flood or theft.
• We have also successfully recovered damages for uninsured losses, where insurance has dealt with the main element of damage but residual losses remain.
• Claims against brokers for negligence.

Our experience is that insurers are quick to decline cover but, on a more careful evaluation of the claim and the applicable legal and regulatory obligations, insurance can be reinstated and claims paid.

We can offer arrangements for price certainty to allow you to budget accurately. We can manage the entire dispute or just take on a specific aspect such as a disclosure exercise, depending on what resource you already have in place and how you want to manage the issue.

The time limits for insurance dispute claims are six years from placement for the broker and six years from failure to indemnify for insurer.

If you would like any advice on your insurance dispute, please contact us for an initial consultation.

To discuss your insurance dispute claim please contact

Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence can cause serious commlications and may have life-changing consequences. We understand that your claim will need to be handled with sensitivity and sympathy at every stage, which is why we will guide you through the whole process to ensure that you get the level of support and compensation that you deserve.Our specialist legal team are authorities in Medical Negligence claims, so if you or a family member have suffered as a result of negligence, we will:
discuss your experience and possible options available to you
make the process of claiming for compensation straight forward
evaluate the impact that the negligence has had on your life and the harm which has been caused by:

Birth Injury Claims
Cancer Misdiagnosis
Stillbirth Claims
Meningitis Misdiagnosis
Cerebral Palsy Claims
Sepsis Negligence Claims
Surgical Errors
Hospital Negligence
Accident and Emergency
Dental Negligence
GP Negligence
Care Home Neglect
Pressure and Bed Sores
Prescription Errors
Orthopaedic Injury
Optician Errors

Litigation Contract Disputes

Whatever the dispute, be it with a business or an individual, our team aim to find the most cost-effective and practical resolution. To get the best results and protect our clients' interests, we will always consider settling disputes without recourse to legal proceedings, we have successfuly Mediated disputes and . offer down-to-earth practicle advice and solutions.

If matters do progress through the courts, however, we have an excellent record of successfully litigating cases in both English Courts and in overseas jurisdictions. Our advice is always tailored to the client and delivered in a way that helps them understand the issues and their options.