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London Solicitors, law society find a solicitor

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Our website shows services which our clients require on a day to day basis.  We show you our expert case studies. We put ourselves in the middle of current affairs, conversations and give you insight. If you wish for one of our experienced lawyers to represent you,send an email to our new enquiry team! We strive to create a personal touch and relationship with our clients. In addition to our specialist knowledge and expertise we are committed to helping people like you.

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Personal Injury Claims

We act for clients who have suffered injuries as a result of an accident.  We  have expertise in: Serious Injuries 

Road Traffic Accidents,

Cycling Accidents

Workplace Injuries

Accidents on holiday

Product liability Claims

Slip & trip Claims

Motorbike Accidents.

Our Injury Lawyers. We deal with a range of lower value injury claims up to complex catastrophic injury claims. 

Our personal injury specialists do not only have access to the most recent law to establish your claim but also to  value the effects of your injury. In addition we have decades of experience and expertise in representing clients, we have a reputation for getting the right result and we are taken seriously when we approach insurers.
For these reasons our personal injury team is much more likely to negotiate larger sums of compensation.

It is often the case that a injured claimant is told that they have to use the solicitor referred to them by their insurance or trade union. This is not the case, everyone hs the freedom of choice as to how and who should represent them. Furthermore if you are already represented by a firm of solicitors and you are unhappy with the way that they are conducting your claim then you are not obliged to stay with them. If you feel that you would like to discuss transferring a case from an existing firm then please contact us for a no obligation discussion, or email,

We have helped many clients who have been told that their case is without merits or that they simply do not have the evidence to prove their case. 

We offer a variety of different funding arrangements, including no win - no fee agreements and would be happy to discuss your case with you.


Pay as you go services available. The difference between unbundled and full representation is that you, the client do a lot of the work yourself,  and we can arrange for a barrister to represent you at court. You do all the follow up work you feel comfortable with and we can help with informaton where you need support in order to make this far more costs effective. We can draft documents and make you aware of the court process.

 In the context of legal services, the term 'unbundling' is used to describe provision of discrete acts of legal assistance under a limited retainer, rather than a traditional full retainer where a solicitor typically deals with all matters anticipated from initial instructions until the case is concluded. It is sometimes referred to as 'a la carte' legal services.

Unbundling can operate on several different levels such as :

providing clients with self-help packs

providing discrete advice about a specific step or steps in a case or issue on one or more occasion

checking or drafting documents

advocacy or provision of a McKenzie Friend in certain circumstances.

The essence of unbundling in its purest form is that the case remains client-led so the solicitor does not necessarily accept service of documents, does not send out correspondence in the firm's name or otherwise communicate with third parties, does not incur disbursements and does not go on the court record.

If you wish to discuss your options and how we may help you then please call or email:

Professional Negligence Claims

A professional negligence claim enables you the client, to seek the shortfall in your compensation or be compensated for the lost chance of bringing a claim. Our lawyers have expert knowledge and experience in the law relating to claims which you could be compensated for as a result of negligence against other third paties. The example are as follows:- 

Failing to advise as to the correct time limit (limitation date) and/or to apply to Court on time. 

Failing to advise about existing pre-event insurance. 

Failing to advise on the correct law or procedure.

Causing delays leading to your case being damaged or struck out or costs orders being made against you.

Failing to advise about insuring against the risk of losing and having to pay the other sides costs.

Failing to advise on or use an available


Failing to correctly assess and pursue

your loss of earnings/earning capacity.

Failing to validly serve the proceedings on time or at all

Failing to give the correct costs information and advice

Causing a breach of orders, Rules or Directions.

Failing to give the correct advise about merits of risks of case. 

Failing to obtain and use all medical records.

Failing to advise you correctly as to offers/settlement proposals or mediation and adr.

Failing to advise correctly about the negligence of a previous solicitor 

Failing to serve or disclose documents. 

Negligent representation at your trial. 

Failing to act upon or acting without your instructions. 

Failing to contact and use witness evidence to support your claim if warranted.

Failing to understand your case.

Failing to prepare Trial bundles on time or at all. 

Failing to make an appeal on time or at all.

Failing to instruct or Brief a barrister properly. 

issuing proceedings against the wrong defendant.

Failing to understand the other sides case. 

Failing to advise on or claim all heads of loss 

Insurance Disputes

London Solicitors can help you with high value or complex disputes, our consultant lawyers will advise on policy disputes, interpretation or contractual issues to help resolve complex and challenging insurance problems. Including arbitration and ombudsman complaints.

We can offer you advice and assistance in relation to all Insurance disputes including

We can help where your claim has been unreasonably refused by your insurance company or where the amount offered is simply too low.

The Insurance Act 2015 states that an insurance company cannot reject your claim if you took reasonable care in answering their questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. Quite often insurance companies refuse claims on the basis that a question on the proposal form was answered incorrectly. 

If you believe the offer is too low then we can challenge this, especially where an Insurance company has appoint a loss adjuster to deal with your claim.
The loss adjuster is instructed by and paid for by the Insurance company and although technically impartial they are often in an insurer approved panel and accordingly have a business relationship with the insurer.

We can fight your corner for a proper pay out.

Our Insurance Dispute team have secured hundreds of thousands of pounds for clients in circumstances where insurance companies have either refused a claim or have not been willing to make a full pay out.

We can assist with the appeals process, reporting a matter to the Ombudsman or challenging an insurer through Arbitration or via the courts.


London Solicitors, law society find a solicitor